At Textile Solutions, we are able to provide engineering consultancy in the domain of composite design, based on the required load cases and its operating conditions. The composite design will be broken down into the choice of material used such as fibreglass, carbon fiber, aramid etc, taking into consideration, ease of manufacturing, structural sizing for both static and dynamic conditions, mass optimisation and assembly.

Our services include performing Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) to help with 3D modelling of the composite design, this allows better visualisation and representation of the actual scenario. Besides CAD, Computer-Aided-Engineering (CAE) is another discipline which we use to determine the structural behaviour of the design. It uses the concept of Finite Element Modelling, whereby the CAD model will be broken down into minute elements, applying material/mechanical properties, boundary and load conditions, and sending the job to solve for either static or dynamic simulation. In this manner, we can identify the structural integrity and behaviour of the design. We can thus better tailor the design to meet the requirements. Such CAE tools can also be used to determine manufacturing flaws or defects which is not easily identifiable unless you do a non-destructive testing (NDT).

From CAD model to the CAE tool, we can easily change the design and determine the most optimal composite layup sequence, saving weight, increasing performance with use of such advanced materials. Another area which is most often overlooked, is how it will be manufactured. This will be thought-through thoroughly by our engineers, on how the mold design will be, and what processes to be performed for the fabrication of the composite part.

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We can provide accurate Computer-Numeric-Control (CNC) machining, using 3-axis to navigate and mill off materials in the form of subtractive manufacturing. The typical services that we are providing include cutting of coupon specimens according to the required standards, cutting of 2D or even 3D profiles. We have worked with hard materials such as carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP), glass fibre reinforced plastics (GFRP), aramid reinforced plastics. As for soft materials, they include nomex honeycomb and foams.

The service they provided is excellent, all my material or specimens send over to them was well cut and made. They always have this friendly attitude towards their customer. Good job, keep it up.

Teo K.S.
December 2021


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